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Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome

Just under a quarter of all adult Australian could be diagnosed with the Metabolic Syndrome, which increases the risk of premature death by 60% as well as over doubling the risk of cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and strokes as well as tripling the risk of diabetes.

Although not a disease in itself it is a collection of risk factors within one person that when taken together increases their risk of future illness. To be diagnosed the person must show 3 of the following 5 features:

  1. An elevated waist circumference
    1. Greater than 102cm for men (European)
    2. Greater than 88cm for women (European)
    3. Slightly less for men and women of other ethnicities.
  2. High triglycerides on a blood test (Non cholesterol fats)
  3. Low HDL Cholesterol on a blood test
  4. High blood pressure
  5. High fasting blood sugar

A good starting point for people is to measure their own waist circumference, which is done around the level of the navel. Go to the AUSDRISK website to take the diabetes risk assessment at:

This will give you a good guide as to whether you should see your doctor for a full clinical risk assessment for diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.

Those with the Metabolic Syndrome will benefit from lifestyle advice around diet and exercise and in some cases will require control of other factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

For more information we can recommend the following website:

For your own sake and that of your family don’t wait for a problem to arise. If you are at risk see your doctor soon.