Dr Danielle Clark


Dr Danielle Clark graduated as a doctor from the University of Western Australia in 1992 and has worked at Busselton Medical Practice since 1998.

She enjoys general practice and the opportunities for meeting and helping people of all ages.  Danielle believes in encouraging young doctors to work in rural areas and teaches student doctors as part of the Rural Clinical School.

Danielle is married with 2 grown boys. In her spare time she enjoys most sport, especially trail running and soccer.



Busselton Medical Practice is committed to training qualified doctors in the specialty of general practice. As part of this commitment we provide supervised attachments of 6-12 months duration for registered medical practitioners training in the specialty of General Practice. In exchange for providing them with guidance and experience in General Practice we are in turn provided with enthusiastic doctors who bring new ideas and knowledge to our medical community. In fostering their development as General Practitioners we hope to someday have them return to work with us in a full time capacity.