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Skin Cancer Clinic

To make an appointment call us on 9752 1133 and speak to one of our receptionists to book a comprehensive skin check with one of our experienced doctors.

Should I have a
Skin Check ?

At Busselton Medical Practice, we’re committed to your well-being, and that’s why we’re proud to offer modern skilled Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment services right in the heart of our general practice. Your skin’s health is our top priority.

Precision Diagnosis: Our advanced dermoscopy skin cancer detection methods are designed to catch skin abnormalities at the earliest stages ensuring a prompt and accurate diagnosis.

Personalised Treatment: rest assured that our skilled medical professionals are here to guide you through every step. We offer a range of personalised treatment options, from cryotherapy and creams to both simple and advanced surgical procedures, tailored to your specific needs.
Compassionate Care: Your well-being is our primary concern. We understand that a skin cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, which is why our caring team is always there to support you throughout your journey.

Convenience and Accessibility: Our skin cancer detection and treatment services are seamlessly integrated into our general practice, making it easier than ever to receive comprehensive care under one roof.

At Busselton Medical Practice, we’re dedicated to your skin’s health. Don’t leave your skin’s well-being to chance; trust us to provide the best in skin cancer detection and treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Online bookings available

Online bookings are now available. You can also contact us for an appointment.